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Two Tips to Generating More Quality Traffic with Mobile PPC Campaigns

March 20, 2014 // By: Stream Companies

If you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, maybe you haven't noticed the rise of the smart phone.  It has created a world in which we no longer race to the computer, but just whip out our phone.  This has led to a surge in mobile search traffic as people take convenience to its ultimate conclusion: a shift in search engine traffic away from traditional desktops to mobile devices.

Consider the following statistics from TechWyse:


  • In 2014 mobile traffic will outnumber traffic from desktops.
  • Half of all search engine traffic is now generated by mobile.
  • Mobile search traffic has been increasing at an exponential rate, nearly doubling every year.
  • Enhanced campaigns are now better than ever for capturing mobile traffic.     

So, in a world where all information is literally in the palm of our hand, it makes sense to tailor your advertisements towards the device that is in our face more often than any other form of media.

To help you get started, here are two vital tips to help grow your PPC campaign’s mobile specific traffic with Adwords enhanced campaigns.

1. Tailor Your bids

With AdWords bidding, you are able to target potential customers with a number of filtering options, which includes time, location, and search criteria.  What some of you may not know is that you can also increase your bid percentages on mobile-only searches.  You can find this option under Account > Settings > Devices in AdWords.

For an example, you may be willing to pay a maximum of $3.00 for a click for a desktop click but are willing to pay more for mobile.  You can now generate a bid modifier, let’s say 10%, to boost that mobile-only bid to $3.30.  The inverse is also true - you can choose to apply a negative bid modifier to decrease mobile-only bids.

Whether mobile is helping or hurting your overall performance, tailoring your bids by device can help alleviate your woes!

2. Tailor Your Landing Page

Some landing pages will not or cannot accurately display information on smart phones or tablet devices.  For whatever reason, the OS or browser on these particular devices has a hard time with the framework of certain websites.  Some sites are already optimized for mobile traffic while others have a separate .mobi page (instead of .com) to serve this purpose.  Check with your web administrator to see if either is the case.

A webpage that has not been properly optimized for mobile traffic can cause your mobile customers to be unable to reach the landing page or be so frustrated with the mobile-unfriendly interface that they abandon the potential sale altogether.  Making sure your landing pages are properly optimized is key to ensuring your potential customers are given the path of least resistance.

All the best,

Andrew Cabrelli

Andrew Cabrelli  is a PPC Consultant at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.


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