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Turn up the Volume...on Your Media Buy

July 17, 2012 // By: Stream Companies

Media is always changing, so it’s imperative to keep an eye on new trends. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated and informed media team behind your buys. Here at Stream Companies, our media buying team is always reaching for efficiency and effectiveness.

We’re never satisfied with just ‘being in the know’, because, after all, knowledge is power. That’s why our team is constantly increasing its knowledge every single day to understand the best ways for your business to succeed.

For example, did you know that in the last six months FOX’s Good Day morning show has catapulted itself into the number two position in the Philadelphia DMA? This is a trend worth taking note of. Traditionally, NBC has held the #2 position firmly for quite some time, but now FOX has inched in and holds the spot.  Check out the staggering data below:

So, keep your eyes glued to the tube, and we'll keep ours glued on the numbers. Take note of the changing trends in media and follow the advice of your media planner. Together, you'll ensure your media campaign truly does well.

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