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A Bird’s-Eye View of Twitter’s New Brand Pages

March 9, 2012 // By: Stream Companies

With the king of the roost, Facebook, successfully launching timeline for brands this week—Twitter is ready to ruffle some feathers of its own with the announcement of dramatic changes coming to their site’s ‘Brand Pages’.

Twitter rolled out Brand Pages back in December, allowing brands to pin specific posts and display large banners on their landing page. But now, in an effort to make their site more of an internet layover, Twitter is looking to construct a Facebook style experience for both its brands and users.

Birds of a feather flock together—and Twitter will no doubt benefit from riding Facebook’s coattails.

Twitter’s new Brand Pages will include contests, sweepstakes, and e-commerce. The recent addition of expanding images and videos from your Twitter feed (an effort to keep you on the site longer) will also come in handy for Brand Pages. Twitter hasn’t announced a date yet, but you can expect to see the new iteration of Brand Pages launch by the end of this year.

With Twitter growing faster than Facebook in the US, these changes will only work to bolster the platform and the need for brands to leave their mark. But will Twitter's micro-bloggers flock to these new features? We'll see, but I, for one, look forward to hashtags that earn me reward points.

What do you think of the new features? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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