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Online Ad Spends Grow

September 30, 2009 // By: j_brennan

Web ad growth to reach double digits in 2010

Online ad spending forecasts put digital spending at 17% of total US ad spending in 2010, up from 15.4% this year and 13.9% in 2008.

Reports predict 4% growth in US online ad spending in 2009, to $22.77 billion. Growth will ramp up to 7% next year. Worldwide, online spending is expected to climb 9% in 2009, returning to double-digit growth in 2010.

The rise in worldwide spending to $58.17 billion this year will mean online takes 13.2% of total ad dollars. Experts predict that share will increase to 14.6% in 2010.

According to reports, spending increases on search and mobile, along with the declining spending in traditional media, are fueling the gains online.  Internet spending outperformed all other media channels during the recession. Video, the successor to social media as "the new digital darling," is also a driving force behind online spending in the US.

Search is a critical component of paid media, but a tipping point has been reached.  For several years the focus has been almost entirely on the rapid rise of Google and the implications of an auction-based marketplace for the advertising industry. A new shift is under way to reclaim the world of 'intention marketing' from paid search to allocate investment, and return, more comprehensively across multiple disciplines.

A combination of paid and organic search, along with mobile and social media marketing, would fulfill the original promise of search.


Jason Brennan | Stream Companies

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