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5 Tips to Make Your PPC Account Management, "As Easy As Pie!"

February 21, 2013 // By: Stream Companies

PPC is simple, right?


Stream can make your PPC Management, "As Easy as Pie!"


Well for PPC experts the answer is probably "Yes."

However, if you're one of the many who would not confidently say "Yes," there are things you can do to change that answer.

When it comes to PPC management it is as easy as making a pie, there are ingredients, a recipe, baking time, and finally the finished product.

Let’s see if I can help make your pay per click management process as easy as pie…

  • KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT ORGANIZED:  The main problem that I have seen over the years when I take on an existing account is lack of organization.  Your PPC account should not be organized like your leftover-night smorgasbord buffet. Think of your account as how you would organize your silverware drawer.  You would keep spoons, knives, and forks all in their specific organized section.  You wouldn’t just throw them all in a drawer and hope to pick out a fork when you need one.  When you start organizing your pay per click campaigns, think of putting similar products together.  Keep alike keywords together, use adgroups as a way to organize your campaigns, and split campaigns when you’re focusing on things like geo-targeting, budget, mobile devices, etc.
  • USE YOUR SEARCH QUERY REPORT: One of the greatest tools that PPC experts have access to is the search term report. This allows you to access what keywords were “exactly” searched, when it triggered one of your keywords.  From this report, you can gather new keywords and negative keywords to use.  With search terms you have access to what the user is thinking when they are searching for your products or services.
  • EXPAND YOUR NEGATIVE KEYWORD LIST:  STOP wasting money on non-relevant clicks. It is as bad as throwing away food…just add a negative keyword list.
  • FOCUS ON RELEVANCE:  Think outside the box when you are creating your account.  Think about relevant but unique areas to target that will help build your PPC account.  Relevant keywords will not only help improve your account’s quality score, but over time you will actually pay less per click.  Also relevant ad copy will help that user find answers as quickly as possible to their search query.
  • ANALYZE YOUR DATA:  This is not a Ron Popeil, "Set It and Forget It" rotisserie. You have to continue to optimize your account and make changes.  Believe me, no account is 100% perfect, but through optimizations overtime you can create a well-oiled PPC machine or account.  Keep looking at your Analytics and Adwords data, it provides you with an endless amount of useful information.

Overall, there is never one right way to do something when it comes to pay per click; however, if you follow these insider steps your PPC account performance will improve.

When it comes to cooking, it’s like Julia Child once said, "...no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing."  So I will say, "No one is born a great pay per click manager, one learns by doing." So KEEP AT IT!

All the best, Megan Thorne

Megan Thorne is a Sr. PPC Specialist with Stream Companies.



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