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Shared Qualities of Top Sellers

November 10, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Top Sellers are more than just sales people; they’re true partners in your business. Highly successful sellers have certain characteristics that allow them to excel in their role and achieve consistent, top level performance. When Stream Companies is on the search for Sales Team members, this is what we expect of our candidates:

Never take “no” personally

A “no” is simply an opportunity for you to learn more and do more. Client feedback, whether positive or negative, is absolutely essential. To quote The Godfather, “It’s not personal…It’s strictly business.” “No” - That’s behind you. It’s time to figure out what’s ahead of you.

Accept 100% responsibility for results

Don’t pass the buck. Be accountable for what you and your team have done. When you start throwing people under the bus, you’re throwing yourself right under there with them.

Have above average ambition on and off the job

Top Sellers are much like hunters. At the ready, self-driven and prepared to do whatever is necessary. You can’t just settle for a “good job;” you want an “outstanding job” each and every time.

Are highly empathetic

The ability to put yourself in your clients’ shoes is absolutely crucial. In order to understand their needs, you need to know where they are coming from. You must understand their pain points and determine how to address them effectively.

Are extremely goal oriented

To get anywhere, you must have an idea of where you’re going. If you’re efficient with deadlines, clients will believe you can get the job done.

Possess strong will power and determination

Top Sellers must be driven to satisfy every client need. Get ready to go for the gold, get the gold star, grab the golden goose and other gold related things!

Are impeccably honest

The ability be honest translates to trust. It’s not just about the initial sale; you need to keep the residual business in mind.

Have an innate ability to engage strangers

As a salesperson, you’re out to meet new people each and every day. Be fearless. If you aren’t able to move and work outside of your comfort zone, there will be plenty of missed opportunities. And guess who’s going to make the sale? Your competitor.

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