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Spending On “Traditional Media” Ads Stabilizes

May 24, 2011 // By: Stream Companies



Back in 2009 spending on traditional media (like TV and radio) dropped by almost one-fifth.  Since then, however, spending has been moving up, but is expected to stay around current levels in the near future.

A recent study predicts that traditional media spends will continue to hover around the $130 billion level between now and 2015—far below the $166 billion posted in 2007. It is worth noting that newspapers are not expected to benefit from the bounceback.  Significantly, advertisers are expected to increase their expenditures on non-traditional channels, specifically digital ads.

There’s no mystery why this is happening.  Advertisers are simply following consumers.  Americans continue to watch television and listen to radio.  They spend more time online. But they are spending increasingly less time perusing newspapers and magazines.

This study found that nearly one-third of American adults watch some full-length television programming online, the vast majority do not.  Furthermore, most of those who do watch online prefer traditional TV viewing when possible.

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