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The Key to Reaching Baby Boomers Online

June 24, 2009 // By: j_brennan

It’s a long standing tenet of modern marketing:  where Baby Boomers go, advertisers follow.  At 76 million and counting, the Boomer demographic (those born in the post-war boom between 1946 and ’64) does after all compromise the majority of consumers in this country.  So why are less and less resources being used to target Boomers online?


A huge misconception is that as internet spending increases, reaching out to Boomers is becoming irrelevant.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The US population of Baby Boomers has more time and money to surf the web for products and services than younger generations, and numbers show that they’re online en masse.


Over half of 51-69 year olds surf the net.  Baby Boomers spend more money online than the average web user and make up 1/3 of the 195 million web users in the US.  That’s up to 65 million potential customers for companies willing to learn the online habits of Boomers.


The keys to attracting Baby Boomer traffic to your website may run contrary to current rules of digital marketing, but to attract a Baby Boomer you have to think like one:


-         Make your site as user friendly as possible (Remember, you’re dealing with a generation that wasn’t raised on computers)

-         Keep your site well organized (A Baby Boomer is less likely to be charmed by a non-linear, sporadic format)

-         Pop-ups and special effects typically distract Boomers from the information they are seeking (They will leave your site immediately)

-         Information relating to Health, Travel, and Finance interests Boomers the most (These categories relate to various lifestyle transitions that they’re going through)

-         If a social networking site, make sure that Boomers can identify with the group using the network (Boomers use social networking for customized networking/info/culture/research, not personal updates)

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