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Effective Website Merchandising Strategies That Win Customers

December 7, 2016 // By: Alyson Stephan

When it comes to automotive websites, the ultimate goal is to create a competitive and interactive car buying experience that transforms the dot com into dollar signs. You recognize the important role effective web merchandising can play, especially when it comes to your dealership’s bottom line; but with so many suggestions, tips, and tricks out there, it can be overwhelming. Here are three of the most effective web merchandising strategies proven to win with customers.

How Web Merchandising Can Help You Sell More Cars

August 9, 2016 // By: Alyson Stephan

The web is changing the way dealerships do business. In the past, business was primarily won through traditional media outlets or the on-the-floor interaction of a sales person and a customer. Today, studies show the internet to be the most influential source behind a customer’s car buying experience.