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Sales Rates are Similar for Facebook Stores and e-Commerce Sites

March 18, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Facebook Storefronts now have the same sales conversion rates as e-commerce websites.

Webtrends latest white paper, conducted with Adgregate Markets (a company who makes Facebook storefronts) revealed data on Facebook e-commerce pages and brand commerce websites.

The key findings were as follows…

  • Facebook commerce conversion rates ranging from 2% to 4% are on par with Commerce websites.
  • Websites that do not engage in e-commerce are losing traffic to their Facebook pages at an alarming rate.
  • Facebook stores are very efficient at traffic acquisition ac­quiring visitors at no cost through wall posts and establishing a store monthly user base equal to 1-10% of the retailer’s fan base

Companies are faced with the dilemma of how much promotion should go into their websites vs. their Facebook pages—the inclusion of e-commerce on Facebook may be reason for some marketers to revamp their strategy.

The report states, “What started as a means to an end of drawing people to websites is becoming an end in itself".

A Facebook page's primary goal in the past may have been to draw users to their commerce website, but due to the inclusion of e-commerce on Facebook the game is now changing.

What are your thoughts on the findings presented by Webtrends? Do you think Facebook Storefronts will one day replace brand’s commerce websites?

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