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Social Sees Growing Importance to Search

February 25, 2011 // By: Stream Companies


Bing announces “Liked Results” shortly after Google’s increased social emphasis

Microsoft’s Bing has followed Google’s example by changing their search results to emphasize social results.

Bing, who recently partnered with Facebook, has created “Liked Results” which will show links that friends have shared or liked on Facebook.

Both Bing and Google are placing more emphasis on social for similar reasons. Social aspects of the internet enhance the user experience and users will want this social data available to help their decision making.

Liked Results will show publicly shared or liked data by a friend below search results. This could assist in decision making when searching for a product or service; if a friend has liked one or more of the results it may help narrow down choices.

The change in search will no doubt bring about changes in SEO strategy, a brand’s social presence can now be used to boost SEO.

We will also see marketers targeting by likes in their ad campaigns as the like feature is seen in more online activities. Many marketers have already seen success by targeting their campaigns accordingly.

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