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The Difference Between Mobile and Tablet Advertising

February 21, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

 A look at how consumer attitudes differ…

Research on tablet advertising has found that users prefer ads that take advantage of features such as video, interactivity, 360-degree views and other eye catching features. Flashy ads may thrive on tablets however it is not necessarily the same story for smartphones.

Smartphones users prefer to keep it simple. A Pontiflex survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that very few smartphone users preferred ads that featured video.

Only 15% of all adults liked these more complex ads on their phone, vs. 63% who preferred more basic coupons, deals or newsletters.


Smartphone users also liked ads to keep things simple by leaving them within the app where the ad appeared. Pontiflex found 71% of all adult app users preferred this vs. ads that took them out to a web browser.


A similar Nielsen Company study found an identical 71% of iPhone owners with the same preference. While 60% of iPad owners would rather ads not take them outside an app.

These findings show that usage habits and preferences for smartphones and tablets do not completely overlap. Smartphone owners are more likely to be on the go and task-oriented, while tablet users have a more entertainment based focus.

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