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4 Types of Content That are Essential to Your Dealership's Digital Strategy

March 17, 2015 // By: Jennica Torio


Most automotive dealerships understand the importance of content on their website. However, the type of content and how it’s written can translate into more organic traffic and online visibility and, in return, drive more people to your showroom.

So how do you create better content for your website? Here are four ideas to integrate into your dealership’s content marketing strategy.

Vehicle-Related Content

Let’s face it, most people who take the time to search through your dealership’s website don’t do so for recreational purposes. In most cases, they’re browsing the site to check out your inventory of vehicles and prices. So up-to-date and relevant vehicle-related content is an absolute must.

Now this doesn’t mean that you slap a bulleted list of features and powertrains under each vehicle listed online. It means that you add everything from new vehicle reviews and comparisons to lists of vehicles ideal for the season or location. These pieces of content make going to a dealership's website for car research much less mundane. Instead, they add some entertainment while subtly selling the vehicles in your showroom.

Service-Related Content

Lots of dealerships have a service department or a collision center. As part of the business, these facilities need to get some attention as well. Include service-related content and you can do just that. Titles such as “Early Signs of Brake Failure” and “Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Those Who Just Bought a New Car” can automatically make drivers more aware of the current vehicle they’re driving and the services they may need. If they notice something wrong with their vehicle that requires servicing, you’ve already positioned your dealership as the trusted business.

Locally Focused Content

A great way to drive quality local traffic is to add a mix of locally focused content to your content marketing strategy.

Most people are online searching for events, activities, or businesses in your area. By discussing these events and business on your website, you not only establish some local SEO value but also position your website as the go-to resource for up-to-date community information while simultaneously increasing your brand's exposure among current and future car buyers in your area.

Dealership-Related Content

Chances are your dealership’s website has an About Me page and a home page featuring the services and inventory offered. However, are those few sentences or paragraphs setting you apart from the other dealerships? If not, start to rewrite your web page’s current content to include more than what you offer and what makes your dealership unique and competitive.

What makes your dealership special? Your low prices, large inventory, or state-of-the-art service center or customer-oriented finance center? Including this will make your customers more inclined to choose you over the competition.

Website content correlates to organic traffic, and with more and more buyers resorting to the internet first, quality website traffic can make or break the success of your dealership. To get more information on how you can start driving higher-quality local website traffic, download this free webinar replay, Local SEO Secrets, Revealed!

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Jennica Torio is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.New Call-to-action

Topics: Content Marketing, automotive industry, content marketing, inbound marketing