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The 12 Days of SEO Christmas

December 13, 2013 // By: Stream Companies

It’s officially twelve days before Christmas, and in typical fashion, I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on 76 on my way home from a long days work as an SEO Strategist. As I pass the King of Prussia Mall, my mind starts racing about all the Christmas shopping I haven’t done, and all the gifts I would like for Christmas. As the Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” starts to play on the radio, I start to imagine, if Matt Cutts was Santa, what would I ask him for?

So, in true SEO Christmas spirit, I couldn’t stop myself from singing along and coming up with my own version, “The Twelve Days of SEO.”

On the twelfth day of SEO Christmas, Matt Cutts gave to me…

12 Google Plus Posts

Everyone knows Google Plus is a very powerful tool for SEO and for Google. Due to the increasing importance of Social in SEO, Google Plus is now one of the top Social Networking Sites that your business needs to take advantage of.

11 Responsive Websites

Google has officially confirmed it does rank sites that are optimized for web (such as Responsive Websites) higher in mobile searches than those that are not optimized for web.

The usability of the website is also an important element for a Responsive Website because it can directly impact your bounce rate. Responsive websites are SEO Strategists best friend. Responsive design avoids the problems of duplicate content, conanical URL issues and redirect issues.

Consequently, your bounce rate will rise and most likely your ranking will plummet.

10 Local Citations

Citations are basically mentions of your business on another website. Citations are often good indicators for Google to validate your business is really within the community – helping to improve your search engine ranking and drive traffic to your website.

9 Guest Blog Posts

A great guest blog post can do wonders for your website! It’s very important to have your guest posts stand out from your regular blog posts.

Each guest blog post should have a catchy title, contain quality content that’s enjoyable to read, and link to credible resources as well as your blog. And don’t forget to share your posts on all social platforms!

8 Viral Videos

Viral Videos only come once in a lifetime. Attempting to make a viral video is definitely worth the time and effort, but there are many factors that go into making a video worthy of “going viral.”

Most of the time, creating a viral video is all about timing and knowing your audience and their interests. Get these factors down and you might end up on Jimmy Kimmel or The YouTube Awards!

7 Site Audits

With every SEO Strategy, it’s absolutely critical to perform a monthly site audit. Take the time to thoroughly go through your website and test usability, conversions, goals, forms, emails and links.

It’s also important to go through your website’s meta data, headers and content to ensure you’re continuing to optimize for relevant keywords your audience is searching for.

6 Social Profiles

Social is becoming much more of an essential element within an SEO Strategy.  A solid social presence starts with first choosing the right social platforms that your audience is using, then creating a strong (and consistent) content posting strategy on those platforms.

5 Quality Links

Over the past two years, back linking has been a big discussion topic in the industry. Google has been updating their algorithm to get rid of bad link exchanges due to webmasters trying to trick Google with sneaky back linking strategies.

To improve your search engine rankings, look for quality links from websites that are relevant to your business and is in good standings with Google and other search engines.

4 Press Releases

Penguin Update has pretty much killed the press release’s value in SEO, but creating an impressive press release can help build brand awareness about a product or service that might be important to your company. (And it wouldn’t hurt you if the article went viral on social media either!)

3 Keyword Tools

Nowadays, finding a keyword tool that generates keywords and accurately tracks rankings are hard to come by. Since Google’s “Keyword Tool,” there has been a huge demand for other tools that provide relevant keywords and keyword rankings.

Three keyword tools I suggest are Uber Suggest, Google Suggest Technique and the Google Keyword Planner Tool through Google Adwords.

2 Custom Google Analytics Reports

Knowing how to use Google Analytics, and the advanced options of creating Custom Reports, can make your job as a marketer or business owner much easier. You can quickly get to know your website and your website’s visitors much better by digging into advanced segments and filters.

Understanding the trends and movements of your website visitors can ultimately lead to more qualified leads and more business.

1 Killer Content Strategy

Content is the King of a Killer SEO Strategy. But coming up with a quality content strategy is not easy – you must understand your audience and generate content that resonates with their interests. Once the content is generated and ready to post, you must fully optimize the content and create a strategy for sharing. Remember: focus on creating content that answers your customer’s questions rather than just keyword stuffing. In other words, write for your readers first, then search engines.

Want more SEO tips and strategies? Click here to download our free eBook, Content Marketing Secrets, Revealed! to learn how to generate more traffic and get found by more qualified prospects.

All the best,

Bob Barilla

Bob Barilla is an SEO Strategist at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.

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