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FIAT of Manhattan Automotive Case Study

August 11, 2016 // By: Keisha James

Imagine you are a car dealership located in the bustling streets of downtown Manhattan, NY. You expect to see a lot of foot traffic to your dealership, and a lot of local traffic to your website from surrounding boroughs and neighboring New Jersey. You have an amazing $99 Lease and Parking Deal that should be driving conversions for your dealership since parking in downtown Manhattan isn’t cheap and competition for space is high, but it’s not.

Nothing for your dealership’s digital footprint is performing as you expect it to. Local traffic from surrounding boroughs is down, and you’re missing out on market share in New Jersey. Your organic rankings need improvement and you also need help with competitive keywords to conquest other dealerships in your neighboring areas. What do you do?

The Problem

When FIAT of Manhattan came to Stream Companies for partnership, they had three specific search engine optimization goals:

  1. Increase their organic search presence in New Jersey, Manhattan and other “backyard “areas
  2. Improve primary and competitive keyword rankings
  3. Drive traffic to their $99 Lease and Parking Deal

After a comprehensive analysis, Stream Companies noticed that not only could FIAT of Manhattan improve on their three specific SEO goals, they also could also improve on their organic traffic patterns. Before partnering with Stream, FIAT of Manhattan’s organic traffic was either decreasing, or remained stagnant month over month. They were also failing to rank for geo-targeted keywords which ultimately caused them to lose market share and traffic to their website from neighboring areas.

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The Solution

In order to increase FIAT of Manhattan’s organic traffic and search presence in their backyard and neighboring market share areas, Stream Companies implemented a site-wide SEO strategy. This strategy incorporated unique, relevant and optimized content targeting the dealership’s main backyard areas. The strategy also included optimizing and updating existing meta data, creating geo-targeted location pages to obtain traffic from their local and backyard markets, and also developing a unique local content strategy to improve their local search rankings.

Stream Companies also created an engaging landing page for their unique $99 Lease and Parking deal, optimizing it for relevant keywords and utilized the page across all forms of website and social media to drive traffic to the page and dealership website.

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In April 2014, four months after Stream’s strategy was put into place, FIAT of Manhattan’s website performance and organic presence increased drastically compared to the previous year along with a distinguished increase in leads, traffic and customers from their $99 Lease and Parking Deal.

  • 52% Increase in organic traffic
  • 100% Growth in new visitors
  • 89% Increase in pageviews
  • 130% Increase in organic landing page visits

Not only did FIAT of Manhattan see increases in traffic, conversions and attention to their $99 Lease and Parking deal, in December of 2015, FIAT of Manhattan’s partnership with Stream Companies continued to excel year over year in traffic, and in website engagement metrics, compared to December of 2014.

  • +4.7% Increase in organic traffic
  • +34.4% Increase in pageviews
  • +27.4% Increase in pages per session
  • +15.7% Increase in average session duration
  • -8% Decrease in bounce rate
  • $99 Lease and Parking deal holds a spot as the second top landing page visited on the website.
  • +2.14% Increase in new visitors
  • +10.53% Increase in returning visitors


During partnership, FIAT of Manhattan reached and surpassed their own SEO goals, continued to maintain them, as well as gain an increase in new visitor and returning visitors that engaged with their website.


Start Conquering Your Dealership’s SEO Goals Today

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-Keisha James is a Content Strategist at Stream Companies

Topics: Conversion, digital advertising, Inbound Marketing, Website Traffic