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Dirty Little Secrets Your PPC Vendor Does NOT Want You To Know!

November 13, 2013 // By: Sarah D'Andrea

One of the most effective ways to drive quality traffic to your website and landing pages is through pay-per-click campaigns.

And although PPC campaigns can be launched quickly and easily, many businesses find it difficult and time consuming to manage overtime on their own.

Are we optimizing for the right keywords? Are we spending too much money? Too little? Are we making the right improvements overtime to increase performance?

Instead of becoming a PPC expert yourself, to ensure your campaigns are successfully implemented and managed, many business owners and marketing executives hire a PPC management service to handle the research, implementation, analysis and measurement.

And while you won’t have to look too hard to find one, you will have to know what to look for to find the right PPC management partner.

To help you make the best decision for your business, here are the top two questions to ask your potential PPC management service, before you sign on the dotted line.

1.    Who owns my Google Adwords Account?

Your Google Adwords account is a business asset. So before partnering with any 3rd party PPC vendors, make sure you have total access and ownership over your account.

Here’s why:

Some PPC management services will tie your account in with all the others they’re managing. Which means, if you ever try to end your partnership with them, you cannot take your account with you; you’ll be forced to start over from scratch.

Starting over has the potential to not only be detrimental to your PPC performance, but also overtime, end up costing you more money!

As you spend money constructing, implementing and working to improve your PPC campaigns overtime, you build something called a quality score – a measurement that search engines use to determine the level of significance and relevance of your ad’s copy, the keywords and your click-through page.

A higher score can mean better ad placement at a lower cost per click. A lower quality score, commonly caused by starting over, can equate to lesser visibility of your ads at a higher cost per click.

At the very least, you should have the login information to your Google AdWords account so you have the ability to change the administrator if you ever decide to part ways with your PPC management provider.

2. Will my Google Adwords Account be connected to Google Analytics?

To keep track of your campaign’s performance and understand the results it’s yielding, it’s critical that your PPC management provider integrates your website and your Google Adwords account with Google Analytics.

Essentially, Google Analytics provides you with a play-by-play of who’s interacting with your site and how. It can tell you how many people are clicking on which pages, how long they stayed there, and what percentage of your traffic consists of brand new visitors. More importantly to PPC, it can tell you exactly where each visitor came from, as well as the search terms they used to get there.

When connecting Google Analytics to your Google Adwords and website, you’ll be able to answer the following questions that are critical to ensuring a positive PPC ROI:

  • How many people arrived at my website, specifically from my PPC ads?
  • How many of those people actually turned into a sale?
  • What search terms are leading to the most web traffic, or the most qualified web traffic, and which ones seem to be duds?
  • What search terms are already gaining you traffic that you should consider bidding on?

Google Analytics helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your PPC campaign and understand what’s working and what’s not.

And ultimately, you should expect that your PPC management partner be providing you with consistent updates, changes in budget and performance, and a list of proactive changes they’re making to continuously improve the results of your campaign.

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All the best,

Sarah D'Andrea

Sarah is the Inbound/Content Marketing Manager here at Stream Companies, a fully integrated advertising agency.


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