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How Businesses Use Google AdWords Review Extensions To Attract Qualified Prospects

January 27, 2014 // By: Stream Companies


It’s no secret that the more useful information contained in any given ad or promotional materials, the more likely the potential customer will be comfortable about purchasing that product or service. Understanding this, Google has recently added review extensions to search ads. When coupled with good ad copy, review extensions can increase the number of prospects that click through to your ads.

What Are Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions are a feature of Ad Words that add supplementary functionality to your ads, including the ability to display your business's address or a phone number that users can click to call on mobile devices. By using these, you can provide more rich information that's immediately available to your potential customers, increasing the opportunity for prospects to quickly learn more about your business and convert into a customer.

But Dale, What Are Review Extensions?

Ok, no need to be impatient! Review Extensions specifically, are a new extension offered by Google that allow you to add either direct quotes or paraphrasing summaries of reviews, directly to your ads.

For example, suppose you make sneakers, and amongst other marketing initiatives, you are running a PPC campaign. Suppose one of the greatest and most popular sneaker blogs reviewed your latest line of sneakers. A review extension would allow you to publish a quote or paraphrase the overall theme of the review in your ads. Customers can then click the review to read the original source (which incurs no charge), or they can click the ad, which as usual, generates cost and allows the customer to access your chosen landing page. 

For a better understanding, here are examples from Google to the right.

Awesome! How Do I Use Them?

That’s the best part! Using them is pretty simple. One review can be added at the account level, so unlike other extensions, you can add one and done. All you need to do is make sure the review is compliant:

  • It has to come from a credible 3rd party source (make sure you have permission to use the review!)
  • No second hand reporting - you have to link directly to it
  • No aggregate reviews and rankings from user review sites (you can show user reviews via seller ratings, but that’s another blog post... so stay tuned!)
  • No press releases or paid endorsements
  • No reviews requiring extra clicks, such as videos, audio, or PDFs
  • No sites that are not accessible to the public (sites requiring sign up)
  • Reviews can’t duplicate content already present in the ad

How Do I Use Them to Attract Prospects?

That part comes naturally. As long as your product is available to be reviewed, it likely will be. All you have to do is find a review from a trusted 3rd party, and (with the copyright holders’ permission of course) add it within Ad Words to your extension.

Keep in mind: you want a review that speaks to your target user. Using the same example as above, if you’re primary selling point for your sneakers is price, use a review that mentions the affordability, in addition to the great quality of the sneakers. If your target user is someone who is fashion conscious, use a snippet from a review that focuses on the unique, trendy style of your sneakers.

The key word here is trusted. Make sure the 3rd party is exactly that, and users will take notice - putting you one step closer to earning their trust and their business.

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All the best,


Dale Harley is a PPC Consultant at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia area advertising agency.


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