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Benefits of On-Page SEO

February 2, 2016 // By: Stream Companies

SEO may be constantly changing with the times, but one feature that won’t go out of style is conducting on-page optimization. Whether it’s adding relevant keywords to content pages, highlighting desirable locations, or linking in to your site, on-page SEO will add permanent evergreen value until you decide to update it.

Focusing specifically on the typical car dealership website, there may not be a ton of customization options beyond a widget location or site color. Brands will have a designated backend that can make dealerships look similar in layout or structure. On-page SEO and the content that dealerships choose to add provide the opportunity for a more unique web offering, with every word acting as a reflection of your dealership and its industry authority.

One of the mistakes that car dealerships tend to make on-site is an overwhelming amount of keywords thrown on a page that don’t necessarily get the point across. With metadescriptions capping around 155 characters and title tags at 65, a too-lengthy passage will get cut off and not make full sense in a search result. Adding too many locations, makes, or models in the metadata may not provide enough substance to guarantee a user the information they’re clicking for, prompting them to just keep scrolling. Tightening up pages’ metadata will speak for itself when users are searching, and identify your site’s purpose.

Your content is a large component of on-page optimization as a direct reflection of what your dealership can provide a potential or current customer. Offering vehicle reviews, vehicle comparisons, community events, technology profiles, or safety reviews can attract users from all levels of the buyer funnel plus live as informative content to attract traffic with well-written, relevant keywords. Durability is beneficial in the long run, requiring less time and money for continuous updating and more time in the showroom!

Within content pieces or any individual page on your site, there are opportunities to optimize. Some such areas are tightening up or adding keywords to metadata, headers, alt text, and URLs. Sprinkle keywords throughout; don’t dump them all over a page. All of these components act as additional sources of keywords for Google to comb through and can contribute to your dealership’s site structure.

When it comes to a dealership site, certain sections will generally require more attention than others, inventories of course being high on that list. Organizing content and pages on your site in a logical, cohesive way allows for an easier user experience in high-traffic areas. Adding links to your own pages can gently guide the user to sections they may need next and keep them on your site longer. And not overwhelming a page with too many buttons or pop-ups will streamline the page’s appearance and improve click-through rates over time.

On-page optimization can also then lend itself to off-page efforts or reaching out to appropriate partners or forums to submit links back to your dealership. However, since referral traffic from those sites can ebb and flow based on seasonality, solid on-page efforts will last longer and help your site remain high ranking on its own accord.

With all of these underlined benefits, it’s hard to argue against on-page SEO for car dealerships! But remember, Google crawls take approximately one week, so SEO is truly an organic process that will take its effects over time. If you’re trying to direct traffic to your site, on-page updates will assure there’s a unique, pertinent, and knowledgeable website to look at once they get there.

Keeping a wary eye on “cheap fast effective” SEO services, recognize that results take time but their reimbursement will last for the long haul. This echoes the car buying process well. From the first click to signing on the bottom line, car dealership customers are valued and their major purchases require respect. When your website stands out in search results, they know your dealership is tops. Watch the customer traffic roll in.

Automotive dealers have to fight through the clutter and entice customers to their brand, their location, and their dealership. Shoppers now have decreased visits to average just 1.6 in-person showroom interactions compared to five a decade ago, so your website is often a buyer’s first impression of your dealership. If the opportunity to optimize is there, go ahead and take it!

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-Sincerly Holly

Holly Semanchick is an SEO Content Strategist at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.Truth-About-SEO_Webinar-Replay

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