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9 Different Ways You Can Offer Value to Prospects at Every Stage of Their Buyer’s Journey

June 5, 2016 // By: Matt Jobs

Value is synonymous with importance and worth. As a thought leader, you need to demonstrate both to your prospects. When a prospect comes to your site with a problem, and they’re seeking a solution, you can demonstrate your value to them in many ways. The key is figuring out which stage of the Buyer’s Journey they’re in and what you can do to provide value to them to move them along on to the answers to their problem.

Awareness Stage

The Awareness Stage is the digital equivalent to dipping your toe in a pool to get a feel for the temperature. You don’t know if you’re ready to jump in yet, but you want to know what to expect if you do. During this stage, trust is the most important key. This is your time to shine and engage to your prospects. If they trust you, you’ve become valuable in their eyes.

Ways To Offer Value

  • Publish/Distribute- A major way that you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your field is by publishing content. Blog posts are really effective. Make sure you proof-read. According to Small Business Forum, those over-sites can be noticed by 91% of potential customers.
  • Provide Help on Social Media- Social Media is a great tool to get your brand out there and provide helpful content. During this stage, follow industry groups and conversations, and provide your knowledge to those in need. Don’t be self-promotional. Instead, be helpful.
  • Demonstrate Expertise in Industry Groups and Forums- Social Media is all about conversations and connections. In groups and forums, demonstrate your thought leadership. You’ll pop up on your prospect’s radar in no time.

Consideration Stage

This stage is when the buyer is aware of their problem and they’re already seeking out solutions. You can be their solution, as long as you continue to be helpful and not promotional. During this stage, prospects are willing to donate more time during their research.

Ways To Offer Value

  • On-Demand Webinars- Webinars are valuable because the can help explain the solution to your prospect in more depth. The combination of visuals and audio will also go a long way in educating your prospects on the benefit of your solution. It will help cement your position as a thought leader.
  • Gated Content Offers- If you have your prospect’s email, just send them the helpful content without making them fill out another form. If you don’t have an email address, make sure the offer is relevant to their problem.
  • Consultative Phone Calls- This call should be informative and not too promotional. Don’t mention your business until you’ve figured out how you and your business can solve their problem.

Decision Stage

At this stage, your prospect has already done their research and they know what their problem is. They’ve outlined a few solutions that they can pursue and your goal here is to convince them that you have the best solution to their problems.

Ways To Offer Value

  • Product Demonstration- The easiest way you can attract your prospect’s attention and business is by offering a free demonstration of your product that highlights the solution it will provide.
  • Case Studies and Customer Reference Calls- The prospects may be a little on guard because they know your goal is to get their business. Show them how your product has satisfied your customers’ needs and problems. This works better if your previous customer was in a similar situation as your current one.
  • Read the Reviews- Nothing helps someone make a decision better than a review. Direct them to a third-party review that demonstrates the value of your product and business.

Now that you know how to add value to your prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey, you’re ready to become a thought leader.


Stream’s Kick-Start Step

Start implementing these plans into action with your strategy. Ask your prospect-turned-customers to write a review, so you know where you stand as a thought leader and a value provider.


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Matt Jobs is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.


Topics: Digital Marketing, Buyer's Journey, Consumer Marketing, Inbound Marketing