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Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website

June 13, 2016 // By: Stream Companies

If you haven’t yet heard, the projected SEO marketing spend by businesses is expected to rise drastically over the next four years topping out at a whopping $80 billion USD. This is a very clear indication about how important your website and online presence is to the overall success of your business.

That means if you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to put some effort into optimizing your website. Here are three tasks you can get to work on today so you can improve your search engine rankings later down the road.

3 Easy SEO Improvements to Start Working on Now

SEO is a massive industry, as the spend mentioned above should prove, but that doesn’t mean you cannot see improvement to your site’s traffic by taking care of some of the basics. Though proper SEO is a marathon and takes time, every race has a starting line.

Content is King

It’s no secret that Google and other search engines love unique content. Long gone are the days of fifty word pages with tons of spam pointed at them ranking number one. Your site as a whole needs content in the form of posts and pages, and your posts and pages need content in the form of words, or rich media like videos.

If you haven’t given your site a content audit recently, it’s time to go through and see which pages either need to be removed, noindexed, or bulked up. The suggested minimum word count per page is currently around 500 words, though if you have a video on-page you can get away with a little less.

Don’t let your site get dragged down by thin or weak pages.

Optimize Your Meta Titles

The title of your post and the meta title are not one in the same. A meta title is the title that gets displayed in search results.

Having an optimized meta title is a very important ranking factor in search engine algorithms. There are plenty of sources stating this, but better proof is just picking a search term and looking at the top five site’s meta titles –

See how many times that search term or a slight variation of it shows up in the top search results’ meta titles?

If you haven’t optimized your meta titles yet, it’s time to start.

Stop Ignoring Your Images

Images make blog posts more visually appealing. That means people landing on your posts are much more likely to stick around and read them when you include nice images.

But, aside from placing attractive yet relevant images in your posts, there’s even more image optimization you should tackle.

There’s an opportunity to tell the search engines what your picture is about in text format. Readers of your site don’t see this text, but it’s in the actual HTML code that search engine spiders read. The particular code we want to add is called Alt Text.

Google and other search engines love when your posts include images and video, and by taking advantage of having the ability to tell them what those extras are by adding alt text will only help your website rise up the rankings.

In Summary

There is always something to optimize on a website whether it’s adding targeted titles and headings, or optimizing images. Each improvement on its own might be minor, but these types of improvements stack, meaning when you really put time and energy into making your site a lean mean SEO machine, your rankings and traffic will improve too.

You can do all of this work yourself, but it is very time consuming. If you’re already running at max capacity with your day-to-day operations, you should check out our ebook How Stream Does SEO and commission SEO professionals to manage your website’s optimization.


Stream’s Kick-Start Step

Go to your business website and spend five minutes clicking around and looking at various pages. Do they all have at least 500 words of content? Do they include at least one image, and is that image using alt text?



All the best,


—Tim Backes is a Digital PR Coordinator at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.

Topics: Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, website design, website optimization