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eBooks: How Stream Takes Them to the Next Level

April 24, 2016 // By: Tina DiSerafino

In today’s age, technology and the internet are advancing by the minute. The more technology develops, the more we witness our everyday routines change. Twenty, even 10, years ago, most people were buying newspapers rather than reading on a tablet or sitting in front of a computer to read their latest book of interest. No one was talking to the voice assistant on their phone asking where to find the closest coffee place.

But today is different. Newsrooms and bookstores are closing their doors for good because of this new phenomenon we call the internet. Since newspapers are now read online, why not books too?

What Are eBooks?

eBooks are electronic versions of printed books that are used as a content marketing strategy to drive leads.

The purpose of eBooks is to offer site visitors educational guides and information for a low-risk exchange of contact information, counting as a lead. Creating and promoting a special offer inside the eBook is a great incentive to sweeten the deal.

By offering eBooks that include coupons and deals, the client can capture leads who are at all stages of the buyer’s journey but, most importantly, in the decision stage, where they’re ready to make a decision about a purchase.

How Stream Uses eBooks to Increase Leads

Our client Norm Reeves Honda Superstore, the #1 Honda dealer in the United States, is located in Cerritos, CA, and is one rooftop under one of the largest automotive groups, The CAR Group. The SEO team at Stream began implementing eBooks on the Honda site and at first didn’t receive many downloads.

To increase leads, we took visibility into account and created an eBook Library Page. We positioned the page on the main navigation under the Specials tab of the dealership’s website and titled it Free eBooks & Coupons instead of eBooks & Resources. By adding words such as “free” and “coupons,” this navigation tab would be more likely to catch a site visitor’s attention because ways to save money are involved.

Soon after, we began seeing traffic to the main page drastically increase and saw nearly 350 organic visits to the page.

Why Calls to Action Matter

Our second strategy for increasing eBook leads was taking our calls-to-action (CTA) placement into consideration. Where were we placing them and why were people not clicking on them?

The Stream SEO team had to go back to the drawing board and examine the following regarding CTAs:

  • What message is the reader being sent on the CTA?
  • Are the colors and fonts bright enough?
  • On what pages are they placed on the site? Are they relevant to the eBook topic?
  • Are eBook CTAs on the most viewed pages of the site?
  • Are we promoting the coupon on the CTA?
  • Where on the page are we positioning the CTAs?

After changing the verbiage on CTAs and adjusting some colors and placements on the site, we were able to double and triple eBook form submission downloads for Honda Cerritos and other CAR Group clients.

For instance, we added our Guide to Automotive Maintenance eBook at the top of service pages such as our Oil Change FAQ page so readers would notice it.  

For another CAR Group client, Norm Reeves Ford Superstore, we added eBooks CTAs to the most viewed pages of their website. Below is a screenshot of their new inventory page, which is one of the top three viewed pages on their site.

Because a CTA was added to promote the relevant eBook topic Steps to Financing Your First Car, eBook downloads increased 100% month over month because we were able to position the CTA in front of the site visitors interested in the topic.

In February 2016, Norm Reeves Ford increased eBook downloads by 166.66%, and they’ve continued to increase month over month. By examining what was currently on the site and not working, our SEO team was able to construct a plan and retest the strategy.


Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Jot down the questions your buyers have and use them to fuel your content strategy for creating eBooks for your business. Your eBooks should answer these questions and provide great educational resources for your prospective buyers. By positioning yourself as a thought leader, you can stand out among your competition.


For more information about how we create eBooks at Stream Companies, and if you would be interested in adding them to your site, contact our SEO department.
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—Tina DiSerafino is an SEO Team Lead at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.

Topics: Digital Marketing, content creation, eBooks, Inbound Marketing