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Low Quality PPC Leads? Here are 4 Ways to Fix That.

August 21, 2014 // By: Stream Companies


You’ve just started a new PPC campaign to generate more leads quickly. In the weeks your campaigns ran, you observe that your clicks are soaring! Before you give yourself a pat on the back, check out your conversions or better yet, your sales report to determine if your extra spend and time is actually working. Focusing too much on just generating clicks can be dangerous and often counterproductive to the PPC plan.

Clicks without conversions mean very little; so here are some ways to improve your click-to-conversion rate.

Develop a Negative Keyword List

Let’s say you own a gym and decide to bid on the word “cardio” as a broad match type keyword. This keyword can be triggered by words like “cardio surgeon” or “cardiologist” which are clearly irrelevant to you. If you start getting clicks based on these queries, you can predict what the conversion rates might look like… not very good. Consider varying match types in tightly themed keyword lists and build extensive negative keywords lists to prevent your ads from appearing for obviously irrelevant searches.

Location targeting


Few Conversions Points

Your PPC campaign may be low-converting or non-converting simply because there are few conversion points on your site.  If the only place a user can convert or submit information is on the landing page, once they click away from that page, you’ve more than likely lost them as a potential lead. While the goal is to keep them on the landing page and entice them to convert some will navigate away to discover more information.  Either craft your landing make so that all pertinent information is clearly and concisely explained or make sure there are conversion opportunities on other high traffic pages.

Bulky or Cumbersome Lead Forms

When a user does decide to convert on your landing page, don’t require any fields that are not absolutely necessary for lead generation.  When a form is lengthy or requires personal information, searchers become reluctant to complete it.  Considering the huge increase in the amount of searches done on mobile devices, if you don’t have a mobile optimized site, completing forms on the smaller screen can be a hassle.  Even if you do have a mobile landing page, form requirements should still be kept to a minimum.

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All the best,

Christina Colón

Christina  is a Paid Search Specialist at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.


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