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4 PPC Opportunities Most Businesses Are Failing To Capitalize On

June 26, 2014 // By: Stream Companies


With all of the changes that paid search has seen over the last several years, many businesses who are just entering this avenue of advertising find it daunting to play catch up. From the different features of the Ad Words platform (or your platform of choice) to the subtle variances in strategy inherent to paid search, it’s easy to make many basic missteps or overlook some great opportunities when handling your paid search in house.

Some of the most common underutilized or missed PPC opportunities we’ve seen include:

1-       Not Taking Advantage of Product Listing Ads – If you own an ecommerce business, using paid search to drive traffic to your site is a total no brainer. They’ve been shown to perform on average up to 80% better than traditional text ads, and that’s only going to increase. You want to be able to put as much relevant info in an ad as possible and no option gives you more relevance to your users than these.

2-      Remarketing – A large number of advertisers either don’t know, or consciously choose to not use remarketing campaigns. This is a pretty big missed opportunity here. Remarketing targets users that have already been to your site, so they’re already at least a little interested in your products.

Let’s say you sell belt buckle polishers. Kids these days love shiny belts, right? Sure they do. Well suppose I visit, but don’t make a purchase. Wouldn’t you want to remind me occasionally over the next few weeks that those quality polishers are on sale and priced to move?

The best part of remarketing through Ad Words, for a lot of those who use it, is the bottom line. You may not convert as well with such campaigns as your search campaigns do, but you’ll average nowhere near the cost making it a pretty worthwhile investment, especially as you begin to build better and more targeted remarketing lists.

3-      IP Address Blocking – Sometimes either through curiosity over your landing pages or sheer malicious intent, competitors may click your ads. If you notice suspicious click activity that isn’t caught by Google, don’t forget that you can block up to 50 IPs to help limit those invalid clicks.

After all, why should you pay for your competition to learn how to be as successful at the belt polishing game as you?

4-      Mobile Ads – Very often I see advertisers neglecting the mobile space. Don’t make this mistake! Mobile traffic is very important and is now a very important percentage of ad traffic overall. It can be especially relevant to anyone looking to bring in foot traffic and typically carries much stronger intent as mobile users tend to be further along the conversion funnel.

Remember, paid search is hardly a set and forget campaign, and there are many different opportunities to use it for anything from branding, to driving foot traffic. When taking the time to form a proper strategy, your campaigns can be a valuable part of your advertising efforts.

Good luck!


Dale Harley is a PPC Strategist at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia area advertising agency.


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