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Sesame Rockwood Camps Social Media Marketing Case Study

September 30, 2016 // By: Jacquelyn German

The Challenge: Going beyond likes & engagement to connect with potential campers.

Sesame Rockwood & Rockwood Adventures are a well-known summer camp and travel program, providing families in the Greater Philadelphia area with safe and exciting camp options for well over 60 years. In the beginning of summer 2015, the main goals of our digital advertising efforts were to grow the brand and community, engage with campers and parents, and encourage conversions on the “contact us” form on the website.

As the year progressed, and camp season ended, our goals shifted to simply remain connected with campers and parents during the “off season,” and promote reunions and camp fairs as they occurred. After Facebook introduced Lead Generation ads and 2016 began, Stream Companies started focusing on acquiring tangible results for Sesame Rockwood through social advertising.


Move away from using social as a brand awareness tool and shift over to give us hard data; directly attributing any results back to our ads to complete the circle on social


Use the lead generation ad objective to provide the camp with actual potential camper information – something social had not been able to provide before. Moving away from generating only likes & clicks, these ads would provide a legitimate result allowing Sesame Rockwood reps to connect with interested families one on one, outside of social media.


In the months of February, March, and April; the Stream Companies social team was able to generate over 120 form submissions directly from our ads. The average cost per lead came to $16.53, which is extremely cost effective when compared to average camp tuition.

These ads featured a call to action which prompted a custom form, displayed within the Facebook timeline. Forms collected the person’s name, phone number, email and zip code. Targeting was also used to specifically market to parents of camp-aged kids in the Greater Philadelphia area, and copy was used to emphasize a more urgent call-to-action for campers to “bunk with their buddies.”


Using the new Facebook Lead Generation objective allowed us to close the loop on social media and provide tangible results to our client. By correctly targeting and obtaining prospective campers, we were able to provide Sesame Rockwood with a cost effective way to reach new families.

Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Before you begin using this new ad objective:

  • Make sure your social media checklist is completely filled out
  • Gather all of your key targeting information
  • Designate someone to follow up on all of the awesome leads you’ll be getting!

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