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How Local Businesses Can Use Google's 'Nearby' Product Listing Ads to Target Potential Customers

September 18, 2014 // By: Michelle Kelly


It’s no surprise that the mobile market has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. In the paid search space, we've seen mobile go from a single-digit percentage of traffic and leads to, in some cases, well over half of the leads and traffic compared with desktop and tablet.

Mobile search has evolved to become a bridge between online shopping and sales in brick-and-mortar locations. I'm sure we've all been shopping in a retail store and gone online to check pricing, reviews, etc. We all want to make sure we're getting a good deal on a reliable product. Today’s shopper is an educated consumer and the digital world is critical to this new searching behavior.

One of Google’s fastest-growing offerings is its iteration of “nearby” Product Listing Ads that allow for localization and better integration of a shopper’s online and offline product-buying process.

Google launched its new local shopping product first on mobile devices, and it's now rolling the product out to desktop. This marks the first time that Google has launched a new product on mobile devices before expanding to the desktop market. This is probably a trend that we'll continue to see as Google releases additional features and product offerings.

This is Google’s definition of its “nearby” product listing ads advertising solution: “The ads show what products are available nearby when users search for items, combining the key digital trends of local, mobile and commerce," said Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s senior vice president of ads and commerce (Bloomberg.com).

For businesses that have retail establishments, product listing ads are definitely something you should test (if you aren’t already). This is already a big market, but it's on track to continue growing. Google's “Nearby” Product Listing Ads can help potential shoppers in your area see what you have for sale before they visit your brick-and-mortar store. You'll want to be there for this important pre-purchase research or you may lose this business to the competition.

As we move into the holiday shopping season, product listing ads will become even more relevant. Running a test as soon as possible can give you time to get everything fine-tuned before the Black Friday sales toward the end of November.

If you're unsure whether your particular business or product type is a fit for Google’s Product Listing Ads, reach out to your paid search manager for more information.

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Michelle Kelly is a Senior PPC Consultant at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.7-Tips-Conquer-PPC_Webinar-Replay

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