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The Best Ways to Integrate Inbound Marketing into Healthcare

March 17, 2016 // By: Stream Companies

What's the first thing someone does when dealing with a medical symptom that they’re not sure about? They take to the internet. Wouldn't it be great if they came to your site to find the answers to their questions?

As a medical care facility, you have valuable information that people are looking for. Being a reliable source and educating people with relevant content can increase your leads and turn them into patients.

People aren't only looking for health information and diagnoses on the web. They're also looking for reputable hospitals and physicians who offer the services they need.

Inbound marketing can streamline your efforts by attracting new patients while also saving you money in your marketing budget. A study released this year discussed the ROI of using HubSpot's software and concluded that 72% of customers saw an increase in sales revenue within one year.

Check out the best ways to integrate this tool into your healthcare strategy.

Blog about symptoms, diseases, and treatment methods.

People look to doctors when they're trying to identify what their symptoms mean or when they're curious about a condition that they've been diagnosed with. You can provide this information in the form of blog posts or eBooks.

Continuing to educate people about their illnesses will help you to build trust with them, and in turn, they’ll consider becoming a patient at your office.

Provide downloadable offers.

White papers and eBooks allow you to offer even more information to help people understand broad procedures and treatment methods, such as surgery and rehabilitation. If someone has been told that they need to undergo shoulder surgery, for example, they want to know what they can expect. Having a guide that will answer their questions will help them feel more comfortable about the procedure.

In addition, they could be looking for a surgeon to perform the procedure. Reading these types of guides will help the person see you as a trustworthy source, which could lead to them becoming your patient.

Gating these offers with a landing page will allow you to obtain the reader's information so you can reach them further, which brings us to the next point.

Use email marketing.

It may be difficult or intimidating for a potential patient to reach out and contact a doctor's office or healthcare provider. Use email marketing to reach out to them to help to break down this barrier and open up communication with potential patients.

Send out a monthly newsletter than contains helpful healthcare tips and tricks or updates from your office.

You can also create lead nurturing campaigns after someone downloads an offer. They'll fill out their information to obtain an eBook or white paper and then you can follow up with an email and continue to send them relevant content.

As a healthcare organization, integrating inbound marketing into your strategies will allow you to reach potential patients who are looking for trustworthy sources of information and even a new doctor or surgeon.

Stream’s Kick-Start Step

Kick off your inbound marketing campaign with an informative blog that contains information relevant to the services you offer. Come up with four to seven blog topics to write about this month and stick to it. Make sure that this information is educational without being too salesy and include a call to action at the end, prompting readers to call your office or schedule a consultation.


To learn more about how inbound marketing can help your company reach potential patients, download our eBook, Inbound Marketing 101. This guide is full of information that explains what inbound marketing is and the best practices to help you convert leads into patients.

Good luck!

—Amanda Willigmann is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia-area full-service advertising agency.


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