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Embedding Google Maps On-Site

August 28, 2013 // By: Stream Companies

Embedding Google Map’s is as easy as uploading an image. It creates a friendlier user experience, as visitors will appreciate the fact that directions are easily accessible with the click of the mouse.

This will also help mobile users, as clicking the embedded map will provide them with directions that they can open in their mobile web browser or directly into the Google Maps App, eliminating the need for them to look up the directions themselves. It allows you to guide users to where you are rather, than just telling them where they can find you.

Embedding a Map

1. Go to Google Maps and search for the destination. For this example, I will use City Hall in Philadelphia, PA.

Embedding Google Maps

2. If you are embedding your map onto a Contact or About Us page, you will want to grab the HTML for it now. To do this, do the following:

a) Click the link button at the top left portion of the map.

Embedding Google Maps

b) Next, Click “Customize and preview embedded map.”

Embedding Google Maps

c) Select Map Size Custom, and portion the map to your ideal size.

Embedding Google Maps

d) Once you have the map proportioned to your desired size, copy the HTML code to embed into the HTML of your site.

Embedding Google Maps

e) Here is an example of how the embedded code will look. Note this is not the map above.

Embedding Google Maps

To add an embedded map to a page that is providing point A to point B directions you will want to do the following:

1. Using City Hall as the destination, I chose to get directions from Penn’s Landing in Old City, Philadelphia.

Embedding Google Maps2. You will follow the steps A, B and C from above.

3. When you first see the map, the Departing and Destination points may not be visible.

Embedding Google Maps

4. Edit this by using the zoom and size configurations.

Embedding Google Maps5. Follow steps D and E from above to embed the map.

6. The embedded map should appear on your site!

Embedding maps is an easy task and creates a friendly experience for visitors. Utilizing embedded maps helps guide potential customers to your business rather than just telling them where they can find it.

At Stream Companies, we are currently implementing this process to determine the amount of SEO value embedding a Google Map holds.  Check back with us in a few months to see our results!


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