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Is Your Brand Getting The Absolute Most Out Of Your Twitter Advertising Campaigns?

June 6, 2014 // By: Stream Companies

The advertising world has come a long way since the birth of the internet. While being an avid Mad Men fan might be entertaining, the strategies they use seem a barbaric to today’s advanced target audiences, conversions, and ROI. Social media is one piece of the advertising bubble, and Twitter is a sliver of that, but don’t let the big picture that is digital marketing drown out the importance of a great Twitter advertising campaign.

The way Twitter is set up really helps businesses that choose to use that platform for advertising. Twitter is known for giving information in real time and has been known as one of the best mediums to share information quickly and efficiently. Placing an ad on twitter can help get your business noticed effortlessly. The perk of advertising on social media is once your place your ad there, the ad tends to do all the work itself.

Twitter allows you to promote an individual account or a single tweet. If you choose to promote a tweet, it will function like any other tweet you put on your account. It can be re-tweeted, shared, quoted, etc. You then pick your ad budget and the duration it will run, choose who you would like to target, choose the maximum you would want to spend per engagement, and BAM you have a twitter advertising campaign in the works.

Twitter suggests that after your ad has been running a few days to check back in on your budget to see if the spend you set is giving your ad the optimal result you want. Each campaign will have a different strategy, whether you’re promoting an event, a sale, a photo, etc.; so you will want to take that into consideration when setting your ad up.

With ability to target your ad, promoted tweets provide you with an opportunity to drive targeted, qualified traffic back to your website; or even better – a landing page. Let’s say you’re having a special for a short period of time. You can create a twitter ad that brings people directly to that landing page to convert on something they’ve already shown interest in. This is a successful way to directly measure ROI on your ad.

Promoting your Twitter account, on the other hand, benefits the strength of your brand and increases your Twitter presence. This is an excellent option for brands who are looking to build their Twitter audience with more qualified followers. Additionally, building your Twitter audience would benefit you in the long run when you want to start running an ad to promote a specific tweet.

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Carly Cunningham is a Social Media Coordinator at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.


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