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Proven Strategies to Generating Leads Through Facebook

May 7, 2014 // By: Julia Giacoboni


So you’ve got calls coming from direct mail, billboards, newsprint campaigns, email blasts and more. Business is great – but you could be missing out on a significant opportunity to amp up your leads even MORE.


No, it’s not just for cat photos anymore. Many businesses, even those with a following, aren't making the absolute most of their social pages - missing out on a direct opportunity to get people interested in your business (and by interested, I mean ready to buy).

Sounds simple enough, right? Post your new product. Give the price. People show up and buy. Not quite – it’s not THAT easy, but there are a handful tips & steps that can help turn an intrigued fan on social media into a customer at the checkout.

Show them something NEW

You’re sitting on a landmine of photos, ideas, and stories - your own customers! So start sharing their stories. Brag about them – whether it’s a first time buyer who just got an all-new 2014 Jeep Wrangler, or the loyal family who has bought their cars from you for the past 45 years. These are things that make people interested, motivated, and maybe even a little bit envious! This type of content will get people talking, swapping stories and experiences, and most importantly – get them asking questions that your team can answer not just online, but in the showroom when they’re taking a test drive!

Ask for something in return

Handing out coupons and prizes on your Facebook wall is a great way to get people interested – but make your fans work for it! Whether you 'Like-gate' a discounts tab (so fans MUST like the page in order to see the coupons), to hosting a promotion or sweepstakes just for people who are fans of your social channels with a form asking for a few simple tidbits of info – you’ve gotta have the user give you something back.

This way – you’re still grabbing information, be it a mailing address, email, phone number, or all three. Use them for a direct mailer or email blast down the road – if they’re interested now, chances are they'll be interested later.

Keep pushing

Push your fans... but not in a salesy way. Push them to WANT to know more about you. Your call to actions may not do the trick – so push fans to want more information from you. If you’re doing it right, your content is intriguing them. Be there to lead them to the right spot for more information – whether it be a blog on your site, an ebook, an interesting video, etc.

Targeted ads 

Spend your ad dollars wisely and talk to an audience with a crafted message, JUST for them. Think about it – you’re located in the country, where most of your customers are farmers. What do farmers tend to like & what do they typically buy? We’re talking sports teams, music, clothing, food, movies, hobbies – use Facebook’s high level targeting options and get in front of their faces in a snap.

The idea is to push your contest in the best way to the right people. Take advantage of these simple to implement socially savvy steps and the leads will flow in! Your sales team will thank you.

All the best,

Julia Giacoboni

Julia is a Social Media Team Leader at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.


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