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Building a Quality Facebook Fan Base: How to Attract and Engage the Right Prospects

October 9, 2014 // By: Stream Companies


There's a science behind attracting the right fans to your business' social media outlets. You have to give them what they want: industry-relevant content. It's crucial to remember that the total number of fans isn’t as important as the quality of the fans you attract. It's better to have 100 loyal fans who check out your social networks than 1,000 fans who don’t really care about you and your brand.

But first, you have to get fans. You can do this through geo-targeting your ads to specific areas around your business that would be interested in what products you sell. For example, luxury car dealerships may have a different fan base than someone looking for a mid-sized sedan or a minivan. The trick is getting into those buyers' heads and assuming what they may be interested in.

Advertising on social media has come a long way with geo-targeting, so you can get the right fans, who would want to buy your product, to visit your page. You can pinpoint education levels, household incomes, gender—you name it, you can probably target it.

This is good for the automotive industry because cars range so vastly in price and the people interested in each brand that you can really get down and dirty with the fans you want to attract. Your community can be built, again, not by number but by interest. For example, if I was writing an ad for a Jeep Wrangler, I could assume the vehicle is outdoorsy and would target my ad toward people who fit that persona.

Now what happens when you’ve gotten into a buyer’s head and they’re at your social page? Well, you need industry-relevant content when they get there. Each brand would obviously post different content, but as a general rule on social, you should make your content fun while still sales-y. You want to keep the buyer engaged while still informing them of both industry-relevant news and events and current promotions at your dealership. That is what keeps fans. But it’s still social media, so you can post Throwback Thursday posts and keep content fun, but you also have to keep up with auto trends for those crazed car fans.

So you have targeted buyers, and they like your content and are engaging with it. The most important thing to do now is engage back. Whether they're posting good or bad comments and reviews or photos of them at home with their new car—ANYTHING—just make sure you engage with them. I personally like to comment because it shows you care a little more than just simply clicking a “like” or “favorite” button. Even if the buyers are dissatisfied with their service and you apologize, they’re likely to think, “They really do care!”

If you follow these three steps, you're bound to see success, even after the fan has come and completed a purchase—whether that purchase is a service or a car. Your content and engagement will keep them coming back for more.

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All the best,


Carly Cunningham is a Social Media Coordinator at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia-area advertising agency.


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