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The Daily Stream

Advertising News for the New Media

4 Reasons Your Website Is Failing to Convert Quality Leads

June 20, 2017 // By: Stream Companies

In this digital day and age, your website needs to be optimized so your visitors and leads can easily find what they’re looking for. Many times, a quality lead’s first interaction with your services is through your website. But if your page isn’t optimized for converting these leads into customers, you’ll notice a significantly high bounce rate, or the percentage of visitors who leave your site after a short time without converting.

Making the Most of a Baby Budget

September 18, 2013 // By: Julia Giacoboni

I love to complain. I’m pretty good at it – traffic, bills, annoying neighbors, etc. You name it – I can complain about it. Some artists work in clay or watercolors – I work with words and I use them to lament. Either way – I’d call it something I’m an expert at. Julia Giacoboni: social media manager, Mr. Peanut aficionado, professional bellyacher.

Who’s Winning the Presidential Race on Social Media?

September 18, 2012 // By: Stream Companies

In 2008 the Barack Obama campaign made headlines as it harnessed new tools like Facebook and Twitter on its way to victory. This year both Presidential campaigns are devoting considerable resources to their digital efforts.

Turn up the Volume...on Your Media Buy

July 17, 2012 // By: Stream Companies

Media is always changing, so it’s imperative to keep an eye on new trends. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated and informed media team behind your buys. Here at Stream Companies, our media buying team is always reaching for efficiency and effectiveness.

SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing - What?

July 10, 2012 // By: Stream Companies

Words like SEO, SEM, PPC, CPM – These are acronyms that, for some of us, mean a lot. To many others, they’re just a bunch of letters that are supposed to mean a lot. So, our Inbound Marketing (the all-inclusive term for the confluence of SEO, SEM, and Social) experts have put some pointers together.

Willie Sutton and Facebook

September 16, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Facebook marketers were thrown into a tizzy last week by the suggestion that using 3rd party apps can be detrimental to your post’s EdgeRank.  If that sounds indecipherable, you are not alone.  There’s a lot to know when it comes to making your brand voice heard on Facebook.

Digital Video Ads Gaining Momentum

April 22, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Digital video advertising is grabbing an increasingly larger share of the online market. Recent studies estimate that online video advertising will increase by 38.6% in 2011. Although one study estimates that most advertisers will spend less that one-quarter of their online display budget on digital video advertising this year, most will be increasing their digital video ad spend in the next twelve months.