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Evergreen Content 101: How to Win Every Time

October 9, 2015 // By: Tina DiSerafino

In the content marketing world, you can kick up your site’s performance by using evergreen content to its full potential.

Keywords: Dead or Alive?

October 3, 2015 // By: Stream Companies

Debates in the digital marketing industry are now questioning whether keywords are still king for SEO. The reigning factor used to be the sheer number of keyword usage on a site since Google only collected rankings information based on the keywords seen on pages. And with that simpler process, devious marketers would overload pages with keywords, resulting in irrelevant and poorly written content.

3 Reasons Why Your School/University Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

June 18, 2015 // By: Stream Companies

It can take a while for a prospective student to choose a School or University, as the process of deciding where to further their passions requires diligent research and lots of thought.

The long decision-making process provides opportunities for Schools and Universities to reach out and connect with prospective students through content marketing to help students make the right decision for their future.

An effective content marketing strategy provides numerous conversion points throughout a prospective student’s decision-making process by providing engaging and beneficial resources. A school or university that uses content marketing takes a wider approach to connecting with prospective students rather than solely focusing on a limited group of individuals who have filled out a Contact Us form.

Below are three reasons Stream believes your school or university should use a content marketing strategy.

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