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Advertising News for the New Media

The Evolution of Media Buying in 2012

December 8, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

With budgets becoming tighter and tighter in Broadcast, Radio, and Cable, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at what is really going on.  And with the upcoming political year, especially in a top 5 DMA market like Philadelphia, it is of paramount importance to be more targeted than ever so the branding message reaches its target audience as opposed to getting lost in the shuffle.

Cable Buying: A Game of Reach and Frequency

November 8, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Welcome to the World of Cable Advertising!

Quarterly Media Buying: A Better Value For the Advertiser in 2012

September 13, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Last week, we discussed the importance of conducting integrated marketing campaigns.  One of the integral components of an integrated marketing campaign is the media plan.

Spending On “Traditional Media” Ads Stabilizes

May 24, 2011 // By: Stream Companies



Incorporating SEO

January 7, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

If your business is looking to take advantage of content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) should always be involved.

Are You Reaching 75%?

January 6, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

According to the study entitled: Social Media in 2009 Inc. 500: New Tools and New Trends, social media use is growing fast within corporations in the United States.

Mobile Marketing Done Right

January 4, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

Want to strengthen your mobile marketing campaign? You've come to the right place. The following is a list of tips that will give you  better understanding of do's and don't in the work of mobile marketing.

Successful Social Marketing Starts with a Strategy

December 21, 2009 // By: Stream Companies

According to emarketer.com, the three phases of a company's social marketing are trial, transition, and strategic. The more comfortable a company is with social marketing, the faster they will begin to strategize.

Social Media and E-mail. Together At Last.

December 10, 2009 // By: Stream Companies

E-mail and social media topped the list of most respondents for marketing tactics. The trend of combining the two is said to reach more people and therefore, boost business in 2010.

The Rebound Is Almost Here—Is Your Dealership Ready?

December 2, 2009 // By: Stream Companies

The economy is starting to improve and consumers and businesses are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Plan now to position your dealership and emerge as a market leader in the coming months.