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Optimizing Graphics for SEO 101

September 27, 2016 // By: Keisha James

Did you know that a whopping 65% of the world’s population are visual learners? That means that well over half of the world’s population can be placed into two styles of learning: visual-linguistic, and visual-spatial. These two forms of visual learning focus on engagement with written language; such as reading and writing, as well as visual materials found on the web; like videos, webisodes, and pictures.

Benefits of On-Page SEO

February 2, 2016 // By: Stream Companies

SEO may be constantly changing with the times, but one feature that won’t go out of style is conducting on-page optimization. Whether it’s adding relevant keywords to content pages, highlighting desirable locations, or linking in to your site, on-page SEO will add permanent evergreen value until you decide to update it.