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The Daily Stream

Advertising News for the New Media

The Art of a Salesman

September 14, 2011 // By: Stream Companies


Marketing Collateral Makes a Difference

September 6, 2011 // By: Stream Companies



Stream Companies – 5 Time Inc. 500|5000 Honoree

August 23, 2011 // By: Stream Companies


Expansion Update

June 13, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Pardon the dust.  Excuse the unsightly mess.  Just ignore the din of hammers and saws and keep on about your business.

Social Media is a Top Priority for Search Marketers

November 24, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

Social to be featured at center of SEO and PPC campaigns

It’s not surprising that 2011 is projected to be the "year of Facebook." What's interesting however is that the “year of Facebook” may also be relevant for search marketers.

Have Click Rates Finally Stopped Declining?

November 16, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

Findings show encouraging signs for advertisers 

One of online marketers’ simplest metrics, the clickthrough rate, has been in decline for years. However, the decline appears to have stopped.

Google Hotpot: A User Friendly, Social Take on Google Places

November 16, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

Google has recently announced its newest element to their Places feature; and they’re calling it Hotpot.

Google’s New Advertising System

November 12, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

New System Expands Product Ad in Search Result, Google will receive Cut of the Sales


October 12, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

A new feature called "Groups" was recently introduced that will allow users to form specialized networks within Facebook. The group feature is one of several changes that have been made to give Facebook users more control over the information they share including updates, messages and photos. It seems that Facebook's future will be all about the user; by focusing on their control, privacy, and empowerment.


October 11, 2010 // By: Stream Companies

The text-based aesthetic of search engines we’ve come to know so well has just been changed. But this time it’s Yahoo, not Google who’s creating new developments. Yahoo recently introduced a new look for search results using display-like inventory which is said to provide more entertainment for viewers.