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Advertising News for the New Media

The Michael Bay Guide to PPC Marketing

June 13, 2013 // By: Stream Companies


Daft Punk: PR, Product Marketing, and Social Media Strategies From Daft Punk

May 8, 2013 // By: Stream Companies

It's been eight years since the helmet-wearing French electronic duo Daft Punk last-released a new studio album.

SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing - What?

July 10, 2012 // By: Stream Companies

Words like SEO, SEM, PPC, CPM – These are acronyms that, for some of us, mean a lot. To many others, they’re just a bunch of letters that are supposed to mean a lot. So, our Inbound Marketing (the all-inclusive term for the confluence of SEO, SEM, and Social) experts have put some pointers together.

Watch What Happens When You See Eye to Eye

October 13, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Any good account manager understands that you need to be on the same page as your client. If you’re going in one direction and your client has something completely different in mind, well, in the words of Michelle Tanner, “You’re in big trouble, mister!”

Auto Shoppers Online

July 11, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Can YouTube clips and mobile websites replace test drives and in-person experiences?

Social Sharing: It’s Cool, But Does It Work?

April 28, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Content producers increasingly hope that social media will get the word out for them.  They hope that their content will go viral. But studies show that email is still the way most people share most content.  And search is still the top method of finding websites.

Banner Ads Remain Popular

April 19, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Good old banner ads are not going away.  The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that spending on such ads has increased significantly.

Google Seeks Success in Local Advertising

April 14, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

As Geo-targeting Grows Facebook & Groupon, Search Giant Adds Growing Sales Force

Social Sees Growing Importance to Search

February 25, 2011 // By: Stream Companies


Bing announces “Liked Results” shortly after Google’s increased social emphasis

Microsoft’s Bing has followed Google’s example by changing their search results to emphasize social results.

Google Becomes More Social

February 17, 2011 // By: Stream Companies

Google search integrates elements from Twitter, Flickr, and Quora